I hired Alexis Consult to create a website that would attract more customers to our business, products, and services. Our web traffic has boomed since we launched our fabulous new site. Alexis personnel are valued business partners that I can rely on for exceptional customer service and for any IT or business support. They expertly guide and help me refine our web strategy and increase our consumer base. I highly recommend their services!

Yussuf Kola

Imperial Works





I found everyone who worked for Alexis Consult to be attentive and thoughtful, providing not only a sounding board for our ideas but also helpful guidance from previous project experience. While developing a web-based project management system, Alexis Consult created something that was tailored to our specific needs with an easy to use interface. Several changes/upgrades were made to improve the overall performance and to mimic the output deliverable that our client required. In short, I have found our experience with Alexis Consult to be very positive. I am impressed with the work Alexis Consult has done, as well as their professionalism, courtesy, and caring customer service.

Ministry Of Finance

Rivers state government




Alexis Consult staff worked with us during the initial implementation phase to evaluate the needs of the departments and provided recommendations on the various ways to configure, customize, and deploy web based solutions across the organization. During the implementation process, we have realized that there were a variant number of platform and a successful deployment needs personnel with in-depth knowledge of all the aspects of the platform and we have found exactly that in Alexis Consult staff. The client-centred approach along with their professionalism and focused customer service definitely made the process and project an effortless endeavour. Their technical expertise goes beyond set ups but has gone on to prove to be excellent service providers over the past four years of working with them. They have drastically reduced our Cost on IT services as well as increased our up time. We recommend them to our network too and have received excellent feedbacks.

Ben Ofodile

MD, Aspen Energy




Alexis Consult have the best support system. If your company has not been engaging on line in a social setting then you are missing out. Alexis takes complex social media solutions and turn them around, giving you the best opportunity and a wider market reach and great turn around for our business. I was impressed with the results and positive comments I have received as well as additional business. Nothing beats getting added best through your social media platforms. The best thing is that they make it very simple for you and always make the right choices online. I highly recommend.

Prosper Gardens.