3 Ways to Engage Mobile Users this summer


Loyal users and loyal consumers are hard to acquire and even harder to retain. 

Your Mobile Loyalty strategy should capitalize on the direct communication with the users' precious and most personal item, their smartphone (and/or other mobile devices).

Are you currently exploring the clear and wide targeting potential that Mobile Marketing and Advertising offers to your brand?

Here are some simple rules so as to make the most out of your mobile efforts.

1.  Reach users in their context

Your advertising message, your communication effort, your brand-customer relationship: their success is dependent on timing and generally context.

Prompt customers to enjoy an activity, consume a product, get information at the time and place that is most convenient and related to them.

Targeted advertising based on behavioral and geolocation data is an innovative way of engaging customers.


Q: What is my target audience and the best time to reach them if I have a summer offer on my products?

A: Let's assume the product is a lager beer that is mostly consumed by men of all ages. A great way to engage mobile users this summer is to re-target iOS and Android devices, based on behavioral data, and communicate a time-sensitive offer, with the possibility to discover where they can enjoy their drink tonight with friends.

Using geolocation data, users are directed to an interactive map, showing all nearby locations where they can redeem the offer.

2. Create a content editorial

Yes, content is king. But what we mean by content here are all the messages (including their frequency, relevance and type) delivered as either push notifications or in-app messages. User engagement is not only a matter of wonderful imagery, but also the unique value of obtaining an action-driven communication channel via your loyalty app or your advertising campaigns.

Planning your messages ahead and creatinga solid timeline,customisedto each targeted "persona" that is connected to a pool of users you want to target, can help you see the big picture, avoid spamming and monitor better cost and expected ROI.


Q: What messages do I communicate to my mobile users, though which medium and how often?

A: Let's assume you are a marketer working at a major bank and you are responsible for a mobile loyalty app. A great way to engage my app users this summer is to create a timeline of push notifications and in-app actions, all focused and personalized to users' past behavior and profile. Behavior can be translated into collection and redemption of loyalty points, focus can be translated into the fulfilment of users' needs (offers on vacation packages, travel services etc.), and personalization is the combination of the before mentioned, delivered to users in a regular (pre-defined) basis.

3. Use interactive media

During summer, users are eager to capture happy moments, read, watch and have more spare time to "consume" content. There is no better time to provide a fun and unique experience to mobile users. 

You can capitalize on one-click actions that lead to:

  • your mobile website
  • a video 
  • a mini-game mimicking the use of your product/service 

And more.


Q: What features would engage my users?

A: Let's assume you work at a travel agency, and aim to boost autumn sales. You already have partnered with airline companies, so as to offer value to my loyal and new customers and incentivize bookings. Your goal is to communicate offers in an easy, fun way.

You can use a flow of interstitials that guide users though one-click action buttons and engaging visuals. Users see pictures of wonderful destinations, click on their favorite one and discover a small insight related to that place. With just another click, they are guided to mobile-optimized website, where they can book directly their tickets to that destination.  This is a brand-aligned experience, where it is easy to communicate specific deals through an interactive, rich-media campaign.

With these tips, you can engage your customers who are mobile friendly users to be aware of yourr brand and how you can still engage and provide services to them.

Attend Advanced Excel Training Powered By Alexis Consult Nig Ltd


Data analysis remains key to the success of every business environment. Without which it would be difficult to make key effective decisions. Individuals get scared when they hear the word analysis, it simply means “thorough examination”.
In recent times various tools and software have been developed to assist with analysis of numerical data. The most common of all is the Microsoft excel, which is commonly used by various sectors (banking, oil and gas, agriculture, telecommunication) of the economy, either for basic (plus and minus) or complex analysis.
In addition to analysis excel spreadsheets have become somewhat of a standard for data storage, at least for smaller data sets, making it an effective data entry tool for financial, mathematical, statistical calculations as well as very complex analysis using statistical packages.
An essential element of good business practice is the ability to incorporate financial models into business decisions. Financial modelling is a mandatory activity if you are involved in financial decision making/planning related to large corporate/ Project. The advantage with Excel is its impressive in-built analytical capabilities, the accuracy and speed it provides to come to a right conclusion

 It will surprise you to know that most people who are involved in analysis within organization are not excel proficient. Some people still adopt the system of using calculator for simple analysis after which the results are keyed into the excel sheet.

• Excel offers impressive in-built analytical capabilities, accuracy and efficiency to advanced users in a business environment. 
• Microsoft Excel help organization to streamline processes; improve efficiencies and meet reporting requirements in calculation, analysis and organization of simple and complex data. 
• Participation in the advanced excel training, will save cost expended in time to search, retrieve and analyse critical data by more than 50% which can be ploughed back into beneficial activities to drive increased business growth.
• An in-house training is an effective approach for your organisation as it provides an opportunity for staff to learn together and share experiences long after the course is over. This approach creates a collaborative work environment which demonstrates successful acquisition and use of knowledge. 
• Advanced excel course provides extended knowledge into some of the more specialized and advanced capabilities of Excel by automating some common tasks, perform tasks such as running calculations on data, sorting and filtering numeric data, applying advanced analysis techniques to more complex data sets, collaborating on worksheets with others, and sharing Excel data with other applications. 
• Proficient users of excel will be able to develop an integrated financial model or project finance model.
• Individual will be able to balance accounts, including excess cash and revolver with ease. 
• Perform Balance sheet / cash flow statement crosscheck

• Business Executives (CEO’s, Senior Managers)
• Executives in investment banking
• Financial Analysts and Accountants, 

• Research, Statisticians, Project Managers, Business Analyst, 
• Operations Manager, Procurement Executives, Inventory, HR and Admin Executives, 
• Information Managers, and anyone that works with lots of data and need to make sense for business needs, etc. 
• Corporate and strategic planners
• It is also ideal for people who want a career in any of the above activities.

• Must be computer literate
• Should have basic knowledge of Excel

The following should be made available by your organization
• A Training Hall
• Projector 
• Flip chart
• Writing markers
• Internet Connection
• Computers or laptops with Microsoft office 2007 installed
• Refreshment for participants
The following will be provided by our organisation
• Facilitators
• Training manuals
• Certificate of completion
Our faculty comprises of qualified Professionals with verse experience and exposure in programs delivery; they bring on board real-life experiences relevant to the practical usability scenarios enabling participant deliver tasks in a business environment.

Alexis Consult Ltd has over the years delivered highly customized training intervention programs suitable to meet clients’ needs and expectations. Key clients who have benefited from our training services include but not limited to;

The training is designed to run for 2 days. This is to allow adequate time for knowledge acquired to be transformed into practical with help from facilitators. 
The training will feature 
• Practical illustrations during training
• Interaction amongst participants and with facilitators
• Presentation
• Question and answer
• 80,000 per person
• 10% discount for a group of 10
• 5% discount for early bird registration

For further information please contact the following:
Alexis Consult Nig Ltd.
4th Floor NEC Building,
1 Engineering Close,
Victoria-Island, Lagos

No 23 Mbonu street, 
D-line, Port Harcourt
Rivers state
Tel: +2349090692558

Nnamdi Chiadikobi
Project Assistant


Nkoli Agusiobo
Programme Director



Experience Begins Here

experience is here


Experience is becoming more important than the product itself.


What is experience?


It’s not a thing, it’s everything. It’s an embrace and an emotional ecosystem that requires purpose, thoughtfulness and mastery. More so, experience requires architecture and a supporting ecosystem to deliver more than features, utility or capability.


We must flip oureverydayapproach from brand-centricity to customer-centricity. Think beyond budgets, approvals and technology and creativity for the sake of technology and creativity. That’s what everybody else does.


Unlock empathy.



Take Risk


As a leader or as someone fighting for change, either way, you have to break the shackles of fear, process and politics to inspire creativity and reward risk.



What can I do that I couldn’t do before?

How do you make me feel? What do you want me to feel?

How do you become an extension of me…an expression of what I do or what I want to do?

What brings us together and keeps me coming back to you? What’s our center of gravity?

What can we do together that I can’t do without you?